Town Council - of the Red Earth City organisation.

In 2010, the first year of establishing the Red Earth City Pty Ltd (REC P/L), the company the directors created a delegate body, in the form of a Town Council, by way of introducing clear and comprehensive committee guidelines.

This body comprised of the 3 company REC P/L directors + up to 3 other appointed members.

The purpose of the Town Council was to conduct the business and affairs of the company which included the Burning Seed event of which is was the legal promoter in the eyes of the default world.

On November 17th 2015 this delegate body was replaced by 2 (two) new bodies, being the:

1) the Burning Seed Town Council - to organise Burning Seed,

2) the Burning Man Australia Community Board - to facilitate broader Burning Man related activities in Australia.

Operations Structure 17th Nov 2015:

Download *.PDF here

2015 11 17 rec operations structure 01

2015 11 17 rec operations structure 02

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