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Company Financial & Burning Seed AfterBurn Reports

Here are the latest Financial Reports for Burning Seed & Red Earth City Pty Ltd.


Burning Seed - Finance Department

Approved by Red Earth City (REC) Town Council for publication. 
( + Total Performance against Budget for 2014 here )
Financial Reports - Red Earth City Pty Ltd
A private Non-Profit Company formed to serve the Australian Burning Man Community, as a legal entity to facilitate the operation of regional Burning Man activities and events in Australia, out of which it has created the Red Earth City organisation and its Town Council to manage the business and affairs of the company until the Nov 2015, after which the business and affairs of the company were conducted by the Board of Red Earth City Pty Ltd, after the formation of the Burning Seed Town Council and the Burning Man Australia Community Board as standing committees of the Board.
 [NB In the Financial Year (FY 2011) from 1st July 2010 to 30th June 2011, there was no financial activity requiring a Special Financial Report, as the June date of Burning Seed in 2010 changed to Nov in 2011, hence the jump in years for the report from the 30th June 2010 to 30th June 2012.]
[NB Change of financial year to end 31st March each year]
2019 - REC P/L Financial Report to 31th March 2020 - [To be prepared by Accountant & Apporoved by Board after the close of FY 2020, after 31st March 2020]
Red Earth City is an Australian Burning Man Organisation
officially affiliated with the Burning Man Project's Regional Network.
Formed from Red Earth City Pty Ltd ABN 72 141 969 226
a registered private company which operates in a non-profit manner
facilitating the umbrella of Burning Man Australia
covering the Australian footprint of the Burning Man Project
a catalyst for collaborative & creative culture in the world.
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