Red Earth City Pty Ltd ABN 72 141 969 226 

a registered private company which operates in a non-profit manner 
under the umbrella of Burning Man Australia
covering the Australian footprint of the Burning Man Project
a catalyst for creative culture in the world.

The first Australian regional Burning Man event held in 2010 needed a legal entity to allow the conduct of a safe and compliant event, within Burning Man Australia, to interacted with the default world.

On insurance papers, event permits, etc, the default world regards the registered entity as the promoter.

The private company "Red Earth City Pty Ltd" was formed and registered for the Burning Man Australia community by its founding directors: Robin Macpherson (A Human), Phil Smart (Sherpa) and Richard Martin (King Richard).

The "Red Earth City" organisation was formed out of the company in August 2010, with some updates in November 2010 and most recently in November 2015.

This allowed the management of the company's business and affairs to be delegated to a larger Town Council body than just the 3 founding directors.

It also allows the broader community to have a say in its function, permitting Town Council to develop the "Red Earth City" organisation and operations with the community's input.

This was achieved, in its first year, with the introduction of the company's 'Committee Guidelines'.

In June 2011, the following year, the company's constitution was changed at a special general meeting.

Constitution of REC Pty Ltd - PDF file (click to download)

This was done to introduce the purposes of the company and include non-profit & winding up provisions.

These early initiatives bound the company and its organisation to be run in a non-profit way.

With the community's input, it also allowed the organisation, to adapt over time by way of review and restructure.

The purpose of this ongoing self evaluation, is to find the best way to fulfill the company and its organisation's purposes in conducting its affairs, to the benefit of the wider community.

It also allows the opportunity to look at possible new entities and organisational approaches in pursuing its aims and functions.

It determined an ongoing commitment to transparency, consensus decision making and ensured the requirements for the conduct of safe gatherings, events and activities are met.

This formed part of an expression of the wider aspirations of Burning Man Australia & The Burning Man Project, as a way of life lived consistently with the Ten Principles.

These purposes were revised further in November 2015, which has allowed the original Red Earth City organisation Town Council to be disbanded and operate with 2 (two) independent standing committees of the Red Earth City Pty Ltd Board for the conduct of:

a) Burning Seed; and

b) Burning Man Australia;

which are formed to manage the business and affairs of the company in their respective areas of responsibility, with equal powers.

This has also allowed the new 'Committee Guidelines Version 2' to be introduced on the on the 17th Nov 2015.

These revised guidelines allows the company to operate in a Not for Profit manner with the Board's 2 (two) delegate bodies being:

1) the Burning Seed Town Council

2) the Burning Man Australia Community Board

Operations Structure Nov 17th 2015:

Download *.PDF here

2015 11 17 rec operations structure 01

2015 11 17 rec operations structure 02

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