Red Earth City

Aye Aye to the purposes

The Purposes of Red Earth City Pty Ltd (updated 17th Nov 2015) are:

To instigate, enable and incubate the production of Burning Man activities throughout Australia which will bring experiences to people in grand, awe-inspiring and joyful ways that lift the human spirit, address social problems and inspire a sense of culture, community and cultural engagement, where the organisation has a number of purposes, which values:

Interactivity - We value art that prompts the viewer to act. We like art that can be experienced in more ways than visually. We are fans of art that is meant to be touched, heard or experienced, as well as viewed; art that requires human interaction to complete the piece, that prompts people to interact with one another, that responds to participants and to its environment.

Community – We value art that builds community through education, collaboration and activism. We see that when an art project arises from the need of a community, it belongs to the public and exists for the benefit of all. When a work is freely accessible to the public, civic in scope and inclusive by nature, it challenges the traditional perspectives on art. When an interactive artwork becomes part of a community, it demands the stewardship of its citizens, engendering ownership, responsibility and pride.

Education – We value art that goes beyond artistic expression; we value art that educates. We support projects that prioritise collaboration with local youth and educators. We know that, with guidance and support, the creation of art is a most powerful tool to educate youth about the pressing concerns of their times, including issues around the environment, renewable energy, and climate change.

Activism – We value art that causes people to reflect on the larger community.  We see art as a way to connect individuals, and call them to action. We commend art that challenges individuals to re-examine their everyday lives and their role in their immediate and larger community. We support art that educates about the alternatives to consumerism and the reduction of environmental impact. Through art, we seek to promote the use of renewable resources, environmental justice and social responsibility.

  1. To create a national organisation called Red Earth City.

  2. To create and operate the Red Earth City organisation with 2 (two) independent standing committees for the conduct of:

            a) Burning Seed; and

            b) Burning Man Australia;

    which are formed to manage the business and affairs of the company in their respective areas of responsibility, with equal powers.

  3. To recognise Burning Seed as an Australian regional Burning Man event.

  4. To recognise Burning Man Australia as a space to facilitate the discussion, expression and manifestation of the Burning Man philosophies and principles.

  5. To form a Burning Seed Town Council and Burning Man Australia Community Board to engage certain roles by way of contract or employment which fulfill certain essential ongoing requirements that go beyond the scope of volunteers to maintain the viable, ongoing and safe operation of activities.

  6. To form a Burning Seed Team Leads Committee to organise the day to day operations of conducting a safe Burning Seed event, that can make further recommendations to the Burning Seed Town Council, to whom it is responsible to, particularly for all financial, budget, insurance and legal matters.

  7. To reimburse peoples out of pocket expenses that may be incurred on behalf of the organisation, this also includes members of the Burning Man Australia Community Board, the Burning Seed Town Council and the Burning Seed Team Leads Committee.

  8. To ensure there be transparency of the finances of the company and the organisation formed here by the company to the wider Burning Man Community.

  9. To keep the language as clear and simple as possible within the company and the organisation to the wider community.

  10. To operate the company and its organisation in a non-profit manner, where:

        a) the income is solely applied to promoting its purposes;

        b) profit is not distributed to any director, officer, committee member, advisory or sub committee member, council member, board member, employee, contractor, or other persons connected with this organisation, or any private individual;

        c) upon winding up, voluntary or involuntary, all its assets must be distributed to a similar non-profit organisation.

  11. To facilitate over the next 3 years or earlier, the formation of an open and inclusive restructuring committee group, with representation from the company's directors and any members of its two 2 peak standing committees, to undertake a process of broad community engagement and rigorous internal examination, to make recommendation to the directors of the Red Earth City Pty Ltd, for the transition of the company and its national organisation, to a nationally registered charitable not for profit entity or group of entities, or subsidiary of an entity of this nature, where provision is made in each and any of the new entities for a public fund allowing registration with the Register of Cultural Organisations (ROCO), allowing then for the application for Deductible Gift Recipient status using one or a combination of the following commonly used incorporated legal structures;

        a) companies limited by guarantee;  

        b) incorporated associations; or

        c) non-trading co-operatives;

    that is best suited for the community and the current national organisation, to achieve the ongoing pursuit of the purposes of the company, Burning Seed and Burning Man Australia.



Red Earth City is an Australian Burning Man Organisation officially affiliated with the Burning Man Project's Regional Network.
Formed from Red Earth City Pty Ltd.
ABN 72 141 969 226
Registered Office: 4/71 King St, Newcastle, NSW 2300
Postal: PO Box 2012, Cairns, 4870