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Virtual del Fuego 2.0
From Saturday 29 May 2021 -  08:00pm
To Tuesday 01 June 2021 - 05:00pm

VDF is an EXPERIMENT in creating INTERACTIVE communal SPACES in virtual places. Everyone is INVITED to work. Everyone is invited to PLAY.

For those who missed it last year, VDF is a FREE sanctioned Burning Man REGIONAL with a unique BURNER BUILT website using JITSI that captures the NEIGHBORHOOD FEEL of a physical burn. Participants can move from CAMP TO CAMP, create IMMEDIACY ROOMS, sign up for STAGE time, and share your favorite STREAMING platforms.

Virtual del Fuego 2.0 will be held at Virtual del Fuego
Location Virtual del Fuego

VDF  a unique BURNER BUILT website that captures the NEIGHBORHOOD FEEL of a physical burn. Participants can move from CAMP TO CAMP and share all sorts of things: interactive art, dance parties, workshops, games, dramatic reenactments of events from burns past, virtual tours of "PORTAPOTTIES of the Rich and Famous."

This year, the VDF web team is bringing updates and INNOVATIONS -including ART GRANTS- for an even better virtual BURN EXPERIENCE!


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