We have an exciting new initiative that has just gone live -  RECSPECT!  RECSPECT is the new Red Earth City Speak Up reporting system.  

The purpose of RECSPECT is to expand our approach to transparency and allow our community to “speak up” about any concerns that they may have about the Red Earth City organisation, events, Board, Town Council, Committees, volunteers, contractors or fellow Burners.

The service is provided by Core Integrity ( who use an online system called ClearView Connects.    The system will allow you to make reports (anonymously if you wish) and to communicate with the reviewers online.  Any reports made using the phone number will be entered into this system also.  

The reports made via the whistleblower service will be managed by Darren Bickham from Harmonise2Grow (  Should the report be about Darren or Harmonise2Grow, then Williams Solicitors, the REC legal counsel, will manage the report.   

It’s important for you to understand that Core Integrity, Wiliams Solicitors and Harmonise2Grow will operate independently of the REC Board with regards to whistleblower reports, which gives you absolute confidence that your concerns will be handled appropriately, even if your report is about the REC Board! 

The REC Board, volunteers for Red Earth City and Burning Seed do not have access to the system.

You can make a whistleblower report in the following ways:

  • via phone on 1800 950 725,
  • the web (mobile device or PC) -
  • using this QR code, which will open up the reporting website
  • email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are excited to bring this initiative to life as it will create greater transparency and confidence for our entire Burner Community.  

Should you have any concerns or require further information about this exciting initiative please visit the REC-SPECT page




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