Community Care – Red Earth City

Community Care is all about you.  This group exists to ensure that not only our events are conducted with a focus on ensuring everyone’s wellbeing, but that the organisation conducts itself in ways that are open, values driven and with health & safety of our community at the forefront of our thinking.

To assist the Board, we have partnered with some organisations that have expertise in areas that will ensure that our wonderful community stays true to its values by providing governance, guidance and advice to the Board, Leadership team, volunteers and burners.  The organisations we have partnered with are Core Integrity, Williams Solicitors and Harmonise2Grow.  Others will no doubt be added in time.  Information about the 3 organisations is below.

Recently all 3 teamed up to help us finalise and launch our RECSPECT whistleblower system.  All 3 are still involved in the daily management of the service.  For more information about their roles in RECSPECT see here for the launch announcement.

Core Integrity 

Core Integrity specialise in delivering leading integrity risk solutions and fraud awareness services, working with corporate, government and professional sporting organisations.  Core Integrity provide the guidance and systems for our RECSPECT whistleblower service.

Williams Solicitors 

Mark Williams from Williams Solicitors acts as the Boards legal counsel.  Mark has worked with us since….and has assisted us with ……

Mark has a passion for the arts, and practices law in this space.  He runs commercial legal practice that deals every day with the impact of the law on the people who live and work with knowledge and culture.


Harmonise2Grow is a specialist group that brings the workforce management tools of big corporations to small businesses.  Harmonise2Grow recently assisted the Board with the implementation of the RECSPECT whistleblower service.  

The guys at Harmonise2Grow get that our organisation is different and embrace our community focussed ethos.  They are engaged to monitor our whistleblower service and to provide the Board and community with advise around all things people.  Think of them as more Human than Resources!


Red Earth City is an Australian Burning Man Organisation officially affiliated with the Burning Man Project's Regional Network.
Formed from Red Earth City Pty Ltd.
ABN 72 141 969 226
Registered Office: 4/71 King St, Newcastle, NSW 2300
Postal: PO Box 2012, Cairns, 4870