Restructure Committee

Baron de Merxhausen
Leanna Pugliese
Madeline Fountain
Richard Martin
Robin Macpherson
Sam Carman
No less than 6 and no more than 20 members who have experience in either:
(1)  Burning Seed and REC
(2)  Community Engagement
(3)  Board experience
(4)  Entity creation and governance
(5)  Any other relevant experience that’s needed from time to time
New membership will be through nomination and selection by presiding members of the committee on an as needs basis or self nomination and completion of application process.
Sub Groups

Comms Committee
These are our wordsmiths and infomaniacs, who compose and publish information to the wider community and prospective members of the new orgs of what's happening.

Constitution Working Group

The Consitution Working Group is charged with the task of facilitating the co-authoring of the new constitution/s.

To do this and where practicle, the team tries to host weekly Vision sessions to discuss the critical topics that form the basis of the document.

Once a Vision session has commenced a Loomio workshop dedicated to the same topic goes live.

The discussions, proposals and polls are conitnued in greater detail in writing.

The team administers the Loomio site and ensures that all reference documents are available and linked into threads.

The CWG has its own Google address and Drive.

Questions of a consitutional nature can be sent to bsvgcteam at gmail dot com.

In January 2020 the CWG (formerly called Burning Seed Vision Group Constitution Team) wrote an Interim Report that focused on interpreting the Ancient Future Report into a structure that would form a brief to counsel.

This report showed the variation in opinion among only 5 prospective members and helped to define the recommended pathway to reaching consensus among a bigger group of stakeholders.

The outcomes of the Red Earth Vision sessions with be published here at regular intervals.

We use a number of different tools.

We hold our meetings on Zoom Video Conferencing for the Citizens of Red Earth City.
Login provided to each REC Restructure Committee member.
Discord - Link
A multi topic Chat channel for our guidence discussions.
REC Restructure Committee members establish their own user account with Discord, where the REC Restructure area moderators assign their login to the REC Restructure Discussion/Forum area, set up by REC Restructure Committee Discord Moderator/Administrators.
Loomio  - Link
Loomio is used to help us discuss more deeply, decide and unpack more technical, material, like a constitution.
REC Restructure Committee members establish their own 'user account' with Loomio, where the REC Restructure area Moderator/Administrators assign their login to the REC Restructure Topic areas.
Email Inbox - Please use the contact form for any enquiries.
Become a 'Prospective Member' of a new future entity
Join up as a prospective member of the new future entity. It easy!
Just use the contact form and drop us a note indicating your interest to join, with your First & Last name and email address.
To date there are about 240+ prospective members who have indicated their interest to join up.
These have come via Call-outs emails, facebook and web page submissions.
  • Initial and ongoing 'Ad hoc' Call-out or people who are interested in being a member of a new future entity (mid 2018 onwards)

  • Call-out for people who are interested in being a member of a new future entity (January - February 2019). Completed

  • Call-out for additional members of a new future entity (April 2019). Completed

Commincations to Prospective Members
Future of Burning Seed
(Burning Seed Web Site)
Reference Documents
History of Burning Seed (Feb 2018) - Link
Research Into Other Regional Burns - Link
Community Consultation Report
'Ancient Future' Final Report - Sept 2018 - Link
'Interim Report' - 26th Feb 2020 - Link


Red Earth City is an Australian Burning Man Organisation officially affiliated with the Burning Man Project's Regional Network.
Formed from Red Earth City Pty Ltd.
ABN 72 141 969 226
Registered Office: 4/71 King St, Newcastle, NSW 2300
Postal: PO Box 2012, Cairns, 4870