Infinite Playa - 2D/3D



Welcome to The Infinite Playa, a virtual Burn that will provide participants with the simulated experience of going “Home.” This Universe features a photoreal landscape — from the cracked desert floor to the surrounding mountains and the occasional dust storm. Accessible via VR headset or any browser on a desktop computer or mobile device, the Infinite Playa will feature a robust character creator, enabling participants to generate custom avatars that represent how they would like to appear. Artists, camps and inspired individuals will all have the opportunity to bring their unique offerings — anything from art pieces rendered with full 3D detail, to live-streamed performances.

REC Embassy - Link
Family Friendly Area
Visit - From AEDT +10 Aug 29 - Sep 5 - Experience starts at 6pm
Charge -
Charge - (Computer - Browser view doesnt appear to charge)
- Visitor - Two Hour Pass - $20US
- Weekend Warrior - Five Hour Pass - $40US
- Dusty Explorer - Ten Hour Pass - $75USUS
- Founder's Package - 24 Hour Pass - $150US
Streamed directly to your Chrome or Safari Browser. Touch devices, including mobile, not yet supported. Best experienced using the latest version of your  browser and a minimum of 6 mbps internet download speed.
Access -
Registration - Payment
- 2D/3D
Inputs -
Keyboard - Camera - Microphone - VR(Opt) - Any Headset - 
App Installed Required -
- Mobile - Computer (Chrome/Safari Browser)
Website - Overview
Social - FaceBook - Instagram
Traveller Side Affects - No known side affects
Submitting Content - Link
EEE - VR version - Gaming
Gaming PC with a gtx 1080 or higher graphics card required

Comments -

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