For the past year Pete has been working with governments and helping organizations to adapt their events to the demands of a COVID safe environment and adapting events to a virtual environment. More recently he has been working with Australian state governments to ensure that event organizers meet the new and fast evolving requirements to gain government approval for events.

The evening consists of a presentation followed by Q &A

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Presentation Snippets

It's not going to be the same in the future as it was in the past, Covid is here to stay.

There are some positives, there is a desire by governments to allow events to restart
* Woollongong - Yours and Ours
* Sydney - Mardi Gras
* International there are test events, jst to see what can be done

Terrible case of BluesFest was just a gut punch for the industry, let alone the organisers and the fans

Things do change quickly "A week is a long time in Covid World". borders open and close weekly, not only here also internationally

We need to be agile with classic Plan A, B, C ready to execute at any given moment

State governments are trying to balance the risks, Have not heard of an event cancelled per sei, they are however making Event Organisers be more thorough especially around the area of preventative health risks
For the forseable future we will need to have three things to contend with
* 1. Physical Distancing
* 2. Clean Clean Clean - extra cost and impost
* 3. Contact Tracing - handled through most ticketing vendors, Scannning QR Codes

Anything they ask for will be a variation on the above, ie they may asks for masks, more cleaning, or new way of distributing food and drinks

Little more work than in the past
 the work tooing and froing with NSW Health lots of questions, ie workshops, stopping singing and  surging towards stage
It may be hard, however approvals do come

"Plan for the Worst and hope for the Best" -  Social distancing, Cleaning, Contact Tracing, Limited numbers reducing hours

Things are booming in business so getting plans Investors are investing in events, no insurance for Covid though so we need to do it right

It will be a while before we are back to Normal

Internationally there are some experiments re 15,000 in a  avenue and multitude of events using preventative health measures what is the spread, Morally it may be questionable still the results will be informative.  At least they are trying to quantify the threat.

Questions & Answers

- Seeking Recommendations to manage a week long gathering of possibly 5,000 campers ages young babies to 80’s for music, dancing, discussion groups, swimming, held in a remote bush paddock - riverside location using temporary cooking, shower & toilet facilities? - Is it better to have several much smaller gatherings in diverse locations at different times of the year
 - The government guidance is too limit the number at an event, if your preventative health measures are in place the extension is that it should be okay, however there are others who will argue the more people you add, the risk climbs, the place as an organiser how much more expense ie over a couple of fests versus single event. It would depend on a fe things, previous infections, peoples honesty in turning up to the event, re symptoms. Peter D would at this stage be happy to be part of single bigger events

- A big concern with large outdoor gatherings held over a weekend or week, is toilets. Their physical hygiene rating and participants behavioural practices in using them are key factors which may cause the spread of all manner of things.
 - The simple answer is cleaned more often, the portaloo suppliers are no offering the service where things are cleaned more regularly, sanitisers in the cabins. NSW  Health just want to see what the cleaning schedule is.

Re Pitt Toilets
 - Not sure on these, will have to go research, suspect it would be the same ie, sanitisers, cleaners

What about 'with holding period?,
Background - IE should those tested positive it needs to be a gap between result and attendance. i.e. 'do not turn up if you have been infected in the last xx days-' after infection, given that virus is shed through faeces late in the infection cycle - as distinct from aerosol early in the cycle - and given the difficulties around toilet cleaning for all camping style gatherings.

At the moment  the rules are just re the quarantine period or be cleared negative. Not heard of the requirement

Lets talk about Markets
- Same Same, boils down to hospitality areas in general, social distancing, smart Queing, dots on the ground. Most food vendors have adapted with food packaging. Some Food Vendors are insisting on masks and gloves. Health checks for vendors and where possible food is packaged and where possible restricting implementing physical and social distancing at points of sale

What are the likely requirements of vaccination for attendees.
- Certainly in Australia haven't heard anything linking events to vaccinations, however overseas in UAE you need to be vaccinated and show that you have. Also in some European countries such as France. Stress though heard nothing on this topic in Australia

Where do we stand re Wristbands - Identity and contact tracing? 
- Wording is you need to be able reasonable all reasonable efforts to supply the name and contact for all those who have visited the site for 30 days, most ticketing agencies have this covered.  Some say use the QR code, ether it is handed to you as you go in or there are enough places to scan it.  Scanning a QR code is not an unreasonable request.
- There is also the RFID technology which allows you to know roughly which areas people have visited as they go past the capture point where they have gone onsite, however while big brother, it does tick the box in regards Health requests

To have Confest, is the application required to be made to NSW state govt, or application required from the local council, or both.
- In NSW up until the 24th June if you have an event in NSW above 5000 you need an approved and a signed Public Health Order from the minister themself.  Their team looks at the plans, workshops it with the event organisers and then makes a recommendation to the minister. They look at Social Distancing etc and if the minster agrees you will get it with agreed provisioning, ie contact tracing social distancing, not to exceed a certain number.

After the 24th of June people are hoping it will be lessened, however a week is a long time in Covid World, probably around for probably extended 2-3 months.  In the past you needed to out in the whole EMP, it is now the same process just scrutinised more.

 - Local Council - Experience with NSW group has been they are forward leaning. Once signed it is the approval for the local council and local police. The job is to implement what is approved of and the local council is to ensure you comply with the permit.   Similar Process however QLD and Vic use a percentage of the venue instead of fixed number 5000. 
Under the maximum limit then it's no different than before. Advice would be right now to do the same process as you have before.  Works better with State then dictating to Local.

A gathering is hiring a commercial camping ground, should there be a negotiation with the site operator to ask if they have a Covid plan, and their plan be incorporated into the local event organiser.
 - The camping is the venue and the event is different. In the end it was easier to put up one application. Most camping grounds are required to have a Covid plan re corporaret compliance. ensure that they can see you have thought about things from beginning to end.

ConFest's EMP already has a section on Pandemics, Medical support ie, what would you do if people exhibited symptoms - what would you do?

Catering for Volunteers
In the past we have used a bush kitchen we have gone ala carte. In current situation this is not acceptable, what do we do now?
Ala caret requires now a duty server to dal out the food.  Social distancing in the line, spread out the access to food so not everyone there at once.

Contact tracing, not all attendees are honest with their identity and how do you isolate if people exhibit symptoms?
 - Let's test people rather than shut the event down. Get the government to do more. It is not the responsibility to ensure the persons details are correct. It does not come back on the organiser unless it is a site selling alcohol.

Social Distancing - can you expand on this?
- How do you manage Social distancing, ie the formula is the area of the paddock and divide it by 1.5 and you come up with a umber. They do not expect the dots every 1.5 metres. What the authorities are looking for is how you are reducing huddles. No Hot Tubs unless you are 1.5 metres from each other. In the workshops 1.5 metre dots would be helpful or based on area and numbers attending a larger area, run it twice

Good hygiene for coronavirus (COVID-19) - Link - Access Passcode: #jE1GJk*
- Those in key positions, ie food vendors, management committees, key workshop people an produce a hand hygiene awareness/certificate

Cancelling an event what are the ramifications
 - The call to cancel is the promoter and they should have full refunds, If an event is forced to cancel then some off er partial refunds. Morally Ethically we should be offereing full refunds. As for holding on to the money Deni Ute Muster offered full or rollover to next year

The rise of the Covid Safety Officer.
 - The role  already exists with the Emergency Control, Medical, Event Safety Officer, the role is being reroled to include Covid responsibilities. The Covid Marshall is relatively new and just focuses on huddles, where cleanliness meant to take place. Not seen the role as stipulated though. If there was to be a "Confest," Should there to be Covid19 Safety Officer's to over see the Event ? "Covid Marshall" - Volunteer reminding physical distancing

Are we supposed to test kits on site ?
There is no requirement for having test sets on site. The hospitals are the nearest testing point

Ensure this is everywhere - If you have tested positive, please do not attend if your negative result is in the last 14 days

 Further questions answers to come

**Note gloves/masks for Front Gate staff,  Servers in the Crew Kitchen

More info on Pit toilets to come

Do we require testing proof?

How do we isolate in First Aid

Workshops need to consider distancing

WHS Clarification

What's required for washing dishes hygienically? Must it be done centrally?




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