A Q and A with the Board
I'm wondering can anyone tell me where we're at with Burning Seed?
There is an announcement about to go out re Burning Seed 2022 along with the new website.
It was a great call to not have an event this year but what happens now?
The event hopefully will go forward in 2022: - Announcment
Is there still an intact crew?
A crew always evolves, of course it is well known that many have stepped down creating opportunities  for new people to develop their skill sets in. These roles will be announced through the new website: - Volunteer Here
Is the restructure still happening and where is that at?
The restructure is still happening and its reference page is: - Restructure
And are we dependent on a restrcuture being completed before we have another burn and if so will it be completed in time for a 2022 event?
The restructure does not need to be complete for the event to happen in 2022.
I understand Town Council has been disbanded so I guess we need to hear from the Red Earth City directors on these questions.
The Town council while offocially not in quorum, we have an Application page here.
We have been remodelling Red Earth City REC2.0 and are hoping various support systems will be in place before we advertise the vacancy, however anyone can apply here right now to sit on the Town Council: - Application
Whats this I am hearing about a Burn in FNQ and how is that connected to Red Earth City, will any REC funds be used?
All three directors of Red Earth City are also regional contacts for different areas. One RC speaking in his capacity of RC and not REC did mention a possibility of a tropical burn being organised with a local arts organisation. No funds have been allocated or requested of Red Earth City.
Why did many senior leaders quit?
This isn't really up to REC to comment. Red Earth City is learning from its past and has put into place an incident reporting systema and HR Partner to ensure safe environments moving forward.
Some of us will be tuning in to the Virtual Burning Man this weekend.
Streaming Sunday arvo: - (Link.)
You can ask more Questions to the Board here.
Online: -  Time Warp


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