MysticVerse - 2D/3D/VR


MysticVerse is a fully immersive, interactive 3D Universe, a full expression of a virtual Black Rock City complete with theme camps, art installations, live events, deep playa, and more. Its  VR platform is designed to empower anyone to harness their inner artist. Accessible via mobile, desktop, VR and any operating system, participants can build their virtual contributions guided by the MysticVerse team, or co-create art scenes in collaboration with other artists. All are welcome to join the digital village of artists, 2D & 3D modelers, programmers, project managers, UX/UI designers, technologists, visionaries and volunteers.
+12+? Embassy -
Family Friendly Area
Visit - From AEDT +10 Aug 31 - Sep 7
Charge -
No Charge
Access -
- 2D/3D/VR
Inputs - Keyboard - Camera- Microphone - VR(Opt) - Any Headset - 
App Installed Required -
- Mobile - Computers
Website - Overview
Traveller Side Affects - No known side affects
EEE - VR version - Gaming

Upcoming Events
No events


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