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Important Burning Seed Announcement

28th April 2021

Dear community,

We know that we have been gone for some time, but we want to answer the big question on everyone’s lips: Is Burning Seed 2021 going ahead? After many meetings and discussions, the decision has been made by the Town Council to NOT hold a physical Burning Seed event in 2021.

There are a number of reasons for this decision. These include the ongoing uncertainty around Covid-19 and the desire to protect the local communities around Matong from a large number of people, as well as the inability to obtain cancellation insurance. While we know that many other events and festivals are being planned in 2021, an event of our size is just too risky. And unfortunately it's not as simple as reducing the participant numbers, because a large amount of money is spent on infrastructure and services prior to the event - the majority of which would be non-refundable.

On top of this, we also have a lack of volunteers in the organisation. We had many people step away for personal reasons during 2020 (it was a tough year for us all), and we also had a large number of key people resign from key positions within Seed, as well as from groups such as the restructure committee. These people took a wealth of knowledge with them. We will be addressing this and answering some of your questions around the future of Burning Seed in a separate post over the coming weeks.

So what's on the cards for 2021? Well, there are some different options. We may hold a digital burn as we did in 2020, and it is likely that micro burns will be organised by various local burner groups. The Town Council will be discussing these options with theme camp leads, entities and other members of the community. If you wish to contribute in any way, shape or form please have a chat with your fellow participants, theme camp leads or any other entity you may be a part of.

The one thing that everyone agrees upon is that when the Burning Seed gathering happens again, the community will be there - stronger and more determined than ever before. The one thing that's not going away is the larger community of participants, which is you.

Burn Bright )'(

Burning Seed Town Council


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