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Burning Seed  - Tipping Point - 2D/3D - 26/27 Sept 2020 - ON NOW
Tipping Point is a 2D web-based Universe — kind of like a cross between Google Maps and a video game — that enables participants to serendipitously mingle with other Burners who are in close proximity while co-experiencing magical spaces and performances. Anyone can join and share a performance, theme camp, art piece or a trash fence party. Accessible via any mobile or desktop web browser, experiences people create will sit on a 2-D explorable playa map, with its uniquely located video avatars and ambient audio.
On-line Digital Burn Dates: Friday September 25th to Sunday September 27th
+12+? Embassy -
Family Friendly Area
Visit -
From AEDT +10
Charge -
Inputs -
App Installed Required
- No
Mobile - Computer
Website -
Tickets -
Traveller Side Affects - No known side affects
EEE - VR version - Gaming
It's a donation event so get your tickets before hand,

If you've seen our Facebook page or website recently, you'll have read about our virtual burn. That's right - Burning Seed 2020 is going online! From Friday 25th - Sunday 27th September, we are curating a unique event for you to attend. 

Here are all the details of what our event will involve - although we're not going to give everything away, to ensure we leave for plenty of surprises!


What's this all about then?
Our physical event was cancelled for 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this brought us a new opportunity - how can we still connect as a community in the spirit of Burning Seed? The Burning Man 2020 Multiverse took place online and participants discovered it was an amazing way to burn. Now Burning Seed, Australia's largest regional, is going online to bring this shared magic to our community. Best of all - tickets are free!

How will it work?
Imagine being able to roam the Paddock online and explore the magic of Seed – well, that’s how Burning Seed 2020 will work!

When you attend our event, you’ll connect to an online Paddock and see the familiar Burning Seed map. Scattered around the map will be icons for our Seed Pods (online theme camps) and Burning Seed staples such as Greeters, Centre Camp, Red Earth Radio, The ARTery and the Temple. When you click on a Pod, they will launch into their own experiences - virtual or streaming spaces for you to view, participate in and enjoy! You'll be able to see how many others are online and connect in ways that are completely different for a burn!

After experiencing a welcome from our Greeters, you could find yourself exploring a piece of 3D art, joining a live-stream party, watching a cabaret show, listening to Red Earth Radio (broadcasting on Saturday and Sunday) or getting involved in a workshop at Centre Camp. There will be a huge variety of Pods and events for you to explore over the two days. Oh, and we will have a real Temple Burn (yep, it really is real!)

Here's Ephemeral Arts in conjunction with La Belle Epoque, and the Pod they are bringing to Seed.

La Belle Epoque - part of the Ephemeral Arts crew along with their Seed Pod

Wait, did you say a REAL Temple Burn?
YES - we did! Our very own Rusty Kilpatrick, along with his Temple Build 2iC Alice, has designed and built a real Temple on Gumbaynggirr Country - the same country that the first Burning Seed event was held. The Talon Temple will be burned live on Sunday, and you have a chance to submit your messages to be printed and placed in the Temple. 

1) Create a single A4 page Word, Pages (Mac) or PDF document. You can type, insert images, doodle or even draw and scan - as long as the result is a single A4 page.

2) Email your completed document to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 9 pm on Tuesday 22nd September.

Here's a photo of one of the 'talons' from our Temple build, and you can read more about the inspiration behind it on our Facebook page.

What about events? How will we know what's happening?
Within the event, you will find an event listing. This will be your guide to what's happening, where it is happening and when! Although, a burn wouldn't be a burn if you didn't plan to go to one event, and end up somewhere completely different. Explore, have fun and discover new experiences - that's what Burning Seed is all about!

Want to create a Seed Pod?
Burning Seed may only be 4 days away, but if you are getting some last-minute inspiration, there is still time to create a Seed Pod. A Seed Pod can be an online-only experience, a physical space that streams into the event - or both! A Pod doesn't need to be a huge production - think of all the quirky stuff that happens on the Paddock! One of our favourite surprises at Seed 2019 was the small fenced-off patch of grass in the middle of the Paddock with a "keep off the grass" sign. Be creative, get inspired and show us what you've got. If you'd like to register a Pod, click here for our Seed 2020 info page and a link.

Event Times
Our event starts on Friday 25th September at 5 pm, and will finish at around 10 pm on Sunday 27th September. All registered ticket holders will receive an email closer to the event, with instructions on how to log in and participate.

Ok, sign me up - where do I get a ticket?
You'll need to sign up for a ticket to attend Burning Seed, but the great news is that tickets are free. You can get your ticket by clicking here!

We are also collecting optional donations for WWF Australia, specifically for Bushfire Regeneration Projects. If you'd like to read about the trusted Australian partners teaming up with WWF Australia and the projects that funds will reach, check out our Facebook page. And of course, 100% of funds will be donated.

What's next?
Time to register your ticket for Seed! For all the info you need, keep an eye on our Facebook page, and check out our website at 

See you at the weekend!





Time Warp in the Multiverse (+12+?=12?)

Everything we can touch, feel, sense, measure or detect is in the Universe. It includes living things as big as planets, stars, galaxies, dust clouds, light, to the small, Theme Camp, Art Installtaion, Mutant Art Car. Before the birth of the Universe, time, space and matter did not exist. The Universe contains billions of galaxies, each containing millions or billions of stars. The space between the stars and galaxies is largely empty. However, even places far from stars and planets contain scattered particles of dust or a few hydrogen atoms per cubic centimeter. Space is also filled with radiation (e.g. light and heat), magnetic fields and high energy particles (e.g. cosmic rays, theme camps, art installtaions and Mutant Art Cars).
The varous BurnerVerse - MultivVerse

BRCvr - 2D/3D/VR | Build-a-Burn - 2D/3D | Burn 2 - 2D/3D
Infinite Playa - 2D/3D  | MetaBurn - The Bridge Experience - 2D/3D/VR | MysticVerse - 2D/3D/VR
SpacePort - 2D/3D/VR | SparkleVerse - 2D/3D | Temple 2020: Ethereal Empyrean - 2D/3D/VR
Seattle Multiverse - 2D/3D/VR | SpacePort - 2D/3D/VR |


And then there's the window of time

Not sure yet where the Time Warp ceases to be time affective hence 12+??
GMT+12 - | NZST - New Zealand Standard Time - M (Mike |
* Auckland

GMT+11 - | SAKT- Sakhalin Time - L (Lima) |
GMT+10 - | AEST - Eastern Australia Standard Time - K (Kilo) |
 * Brisbane,
 * Sydney,
 * Melbourne,
* Cairns,
* Port Moresby
GMT+09 - | JST - Japan Standard Time - I (India) |
GMT+08 - | CST - China Standard Time  - H (Hotel) |


* Singapore -
 - FBGroup
* Taiwan
GMT+07 - | KRAT - Kranoyask Time  - G (Golf) |
GMT+06 - | OMSK - Omsk Time  - F (Foxtrot) |
GMT+05.3 - | IST - India Standard Time - |

GMT+05 - | PKT - Pakistan Standard Time - E (Echo) |
GMT+04 - | AMT - Armenia Time  - D (Delta) |

timeportal 51217


Don't forget wherever you travel Rangers aren't far away - (copy the url and take it with you)
Possible Quantum Scenarios
2021 Sunday 5th Sep
PDT 20:00, NZST 09:00, AEST 11:00
 HKT 13:00
Fire Enclave - 2D








The Fire Conclave Council has been hard at work developing a plan for BM’s first ever Virtual Event week.  Our goal was to create a place where we could interact with the BM community while keeping the ritual of fire that is the heart of Burning Man alive.  Our stream will include fire performances collected during the pandemic as well as audition videos from years past.  Along with the pre-recorded videos thee will be several live events with opportunities to perform. 
LiveStream - Fire Enclave (PDT 20:00, NZST 09:00, AEST 11:00 HKT 13:00)
(PDT 22:30, NZST 11:30, AEST 13:30 HKT 15:30)
- Overview

BMIR Radio - Audio Stream
+12+? Embassy -
Twitter -
A Night of music and fire dancing. You can watch the live stream
Web Site (Live Stream)
Twitch (Live Stream)
or on the Our Soul is on Fire page in MysticVerse, Sparkleverse, Multiverse.
Event Starts @ 11:00 AEST to 15:30 PM AEST
Music provided by
11:00: Wala (LIVE) (SoundCloud)
12:00: Applecat (LIVE) (SoundCloud)
13:00 : Michael Manahan (Recorded) (SoundCloud)
Soft ending will end when we no longer have participants or when we can no longer keep our eyes open, whichever happens first.  The Hard ending on Burn Night is traditional, the Man burns at 13:00.
Group Jam / Dance Dance Night (Live broadcast)
A night of fire and dancing from around the world
Past - Opening Ceremony (Live Broadcast)|
The Opening Ceremony is a ritual performance built upon lighting the fire that will burn  throughout the week, and will later become part of what ignites the Man Burn
Past - Fire Photography - Techniques in Capturing the Flame
The Great Circle Documentarians: Hank Leiter, Grant Palmer and Kevin Levezu will review techniques in photographing fire artists.

2021 - Sunday 5th Sep
PDT 20:00, NZST 11:00, AEST 13:00, HKT 15:00
Burn Night Live - 2D









After spending Burn Week exploring the marvels of the Multiverse, join us on September 5, 2020 for Burn Night: Live From Home. Wherever you live and however you choose to burn, you’re invited to connect with the global Burning Man community for a worldwide, around-the-clock Burn Night extravaganza! -
Website - Overview
LiveStream -
​ -
LiveStream - 
BMIR Radio - Audio Stream
Twitter -
+12+? Embassy -

Burns will begin in New Zealand at  NZST 09:00,  AEST 11:00, HKT 13:00

Burn Night - Travellers Guide
Timing Your Burn Night (Wherever You Are!)
- Tentative scheduled start time is 2am PDT September 5th (that’s 9pm NZST in New Zealand).
 - Burns will begin in New Zealand and roll westward approximately hourly, culminating in the US West Coast and Hawaii, with special Fire Conclave performances at 7pm PDT.
 - Our collective Burn extravaganza will tentatively wrap up at 2am PDT on Sept 6 (that’s 11pm HST in Hawaii). This schedule will adjust based on your submissions!
Create your burnable Mini Man effigy
Using our blueprint, or something from your own imagination. Then host a small Burn wherever you are, within your local COVID-safe limits, ignited time zone by time zone worldwide on Burning Man’s traditional Burn Night — September 5, 2020. You may choose to upload your Man Burn to our 24-hour live stream. These will all be streamed and shared in a portal with chat, so the entire Burning Man community can connect around our favorite fire for a full day and night of burns.


Monday 6th Sep
PDT 20:00,  NZST 11:00, AEST 13:00, HKT 15:00,  
Temple Burn 2020: Ethereal Empyrean - 2D/3D/VR

Ethereal Empyrean Experience

As a global community we are witnessing a deep sense of vulnerability in ourselves and each other. Your Temple team has embraced the virtual pivot and is dedicated to creating an inclusive, healing Temple space where visitors can share, express, process, grieve and heal during this transformative time.

August 8 – September 5, 2020 - Create a Temple Offering
Visit the Temple Experience Offerings Website to create your offering.

Offerings can be created through event week, and all offerings “forged” before September 5th will be seen in the Temple experience.

August 31 – September 6, 2020 - The Temple Experience is Open for Visitors

Visit the Temple Experience Offerings Website to create your offering.

Visit the Ethereal Empyrean page to download the Experience application.

September 6, 2020 – PDT 20:00,  NZST 11:00, AEST 13:00, HKT 15:00,   Temple Burn 2020

Join the community in witnessing the ceremonial burn of the Temple.

LiveStrean -
Digital Downlaod and Destroy - YouTube
Family Friendly Area - Yes
Charge -
No Charge
Access -
- 2D/3D/VR
Inputs - Keyboard - VRHeadset(Opt) - Occulus Quest /Steam
App Installed Required -
- Goggles - Desktop (Mac & Windows)
Kindling - Overview
Website - Overview
Social - Twitter - FaceBook
Traveller Side Affects - Known Issues for Mac and Window Travellers
* Audio files included in some offerings may not play.
* Images included in offerings may display incorrectly oriented.
* Occasional 422 error when a local Temple requests an offering collection. If this occurs, please try again.
* Offerings written in non-ascii characters (Japanese, for example) may appear as a series of empty squares
EEE - VR version - Gaming
* The Quest and SteamVR versions will be available on Friday, September 4th.
* If you have a Quest or SteamVR-compatible headset, it's best to wait.
Traveller Tips
* Check Options to affect performance
* You can submit your own offering fior the North Tower via a URL (Prepare your Item before)
Comments - Really check it out, the way it takes you to another space and the notes of those who shared their times with us. Was watching the burn temple through

Sparkleverse - Overview
The Temple Burn
Click on the Temple in the center of the playa. Special surprises in store.
PDT 19:00,  NZST 10:00, AEST 12:00, HKT 14:00  - Intro
PDT 20:00,  NZST 11:00, AEST 13:00, HKT 15:00  - During
PDT 20:30,  NZST 11:30, AEST 13:30, HKT 15:30  - Post