SparkleVerse - 2D/3D


The SparkleVerse will feature tools for artists, theme camp organizers, and mutant vehicle mechanics to create immersive clickable spaces through which to deliver whatever imagination calls forth — whether it be music, camp accommodation, a theme bar, an RV, a kitchen, an art piece, or a trash fence party. Accessible via any mobile or desktop web browser, experiences people create will sit on a 2-D explorable playa map, with its uniquely located video avatars and ambient audio; these experiences can also be linked directly from any other playa map.
+12+? Embassy - +12+?
Family Friendly Area
Visit - From AEDT +10 Aug 31 - Sep 7
Charge -
$1 Donation
Access -
- 2D
Inputs -
App Installed Required -
- Mobile - Computer
Website - Overview
Calendar - Daily Whats On
Social - Twitter
Traveller Side Affects - No known side affects
EEE - VR version - Gaming
- It's a donation event so get your tickets before hand, With registration you do get emailed updates with a whats on, this does make it much easier to plan when you should be sparkling. Especially helpful if your planning from another timezone.

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Upcoming Events
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Events in the Multiverse

29 Aug 2021; 07:00PM - Australia / NZ
30 Aug 2021; 07:00PM - Asia
31 Aug 2021; 07:00PM - Africa
01 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - Europe
02 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - South America
03 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - North America
04 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - Burn Night
05 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - Temple Night

Events in the Altiverse

No events


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