Build-a-Burn - 2D/3D


Build-A-Burn is an interactive digital space that has already hosted events, including fantastical remote Burns, all by empowering the community to celebrate their creativity. Using just a browser and webcam on any device, participants will be able to wander an art-filled playa with friends old and new. Prepare to bend the reality of time and space, authentically connect with others in facilitated workshops, stand too close to some of your favorite DJs, and more.

+12+? Embassy - +12+?
Family Friendly Area
Visit - From AEDT +10 Aug 29 - Sep 5
Charge -
No Charge
Access -
- 2D
Inputs -
Keyboard - Camera - Microphone
App Installed Required -
- Computer (Chrome Browser)
Website - Overview
Social - Twitter - YouTube
Traveller Side Affects - No known affects
EEE - VR version - Gaming
Comments -
Very easy to get involved in and wander around . After repeat visting this really is a fun way to meet other Burners, activities are like keyword tags, too cute for effort, just sitting down and watching the people walk by. creating and anchoring a camp was way easy
To zoom in/out   - (Windows - Control -+ ) (Apple - Command -+ )
When you first log in, you see a white space, in time the render will reveal the playa, give it a minute

Google Map Click Map to go visit Google maps for full directions

Upcoming Events
No events

Events in the Multiverse

29 Aug 2021; 07:00PM - Australia / NZ
30 Aug 2021; 07:00PM - Asia
31 Aug 2021; 07:00PM - Africa
01 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - Europe
02 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - South America
03 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - North America
04 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - Burn Night
05 Sep 2021; 07:00PM - Temple Night

Events in the Altiverse

No events


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